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SLC Research Oct 2006

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By josiett - Posted on 30 March 2006

These are some of the films that I will be researching in October, 2006 while attending the Hispanic Conference:

Registros Parroquiales 1605-1959 from Sagrario, Zac., Zac.
283370, Item 1 (bapt. 1634-1678 including matrimonios and entierros)
283371 (informacion matrimonial) 1605-1698
283372 (informacion matrimonial) 1673-1692
283373 (informacion matrimonial) 1689-1711
283374 (informacion matrimonial) 1694-1718

Kitty, are any of these in the group that you have already requested? Am I doing this right? Pls let me know, ok? Thanks! Josie


I am definitely going to try to make it to the Hispanic conference in October as well. I have been meaning to look through the same films you are going to be researching. Since the informacion matrimonial is not indexed, I imagine you will be scanning through the films or do you have approximate dates of marriages that you will be looking up?

I think that those films are the source of the ever-elusive information that I am looking for on the marriage of Isabel de Covarrubias and Jacinto Talamantes since Jaime Holcombe writes that they were vecinos de Zacatecas and the man he cites as Isabel's father would have been working as a familiar de la Santa Inquisicion in Zacatecas when she was born and married.

Can we possibly collaborate on searching through these films? I am sure there is tons of information on a lot of the old Zacatecas families on those films.

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