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IMPORTANT: Make sure to reply to the confirmation emails!

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By arturoramos - Posted on 27 March 2006

As the countdown gets closer to zero, I want to emphasize to everybody how important it is to sign up for the new mailing lists. In a few days the Yahoo!Groups ranchos list will no longer distribute any messages and unless you have signed up for the new mailing lists on the Nuestros Ranchos site you will no longer receive emails with new postings AND you will NOT BE ABLE TO POST to any of the new lists.

I know that Joseph has moved over a number of people to the site and in the process signed them up for the mailing lists, but the process requires that the person who is signed up respond to the confirmation emails they receive. This is to ensure that the email address is valid and that the person ideed requested to be signed up for the lists.

If you do not reply to these messages, you are NOT signed up for the lists, even if it shows that you are on the Nuestros Ranchos website. If you cannot find the confirmation messages that you received initially, please log on to Nuestros Ranchos and click on "Mailing Lists" and unsubscribe yourself from the lists, click "Submit" and then go back into "Mailing Lists" and re-subscribe yourself. You should receive a new set of confirmation messages in a few minutes. All you need to do is click REPLY in your email program and send off the message... simple as that... but if you don't complete this step your sign up process in NOT complete.

Please email me privately at if you need help or have questions.

We are also putting together a detailed user guide for the new website. It is far from complete but there is some valuable information there already. You can find it in the "Reference Materials" section of the Files area of Nuestros Ranchos.


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