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Poll results for ranchos

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By Visitor - Posted on 18 March 2006

The following ranchos poll is now closed. Here are the
final results:

POLL QUESTION: From time to time people not from our geographical area express intereste in Ranchos. Here is my answer:

[[[[[maybe there is a misunderstanding. we are focused on the states of Jalisco, Zacatecas, and Aguascalientes. I don't understand why you would be interested in this group? Now if you "THINK" that you might have ties to this area then I'll subscribe you for a 1 year temporary membership that we'll reconsider renewing next year depending on how much you've discovered about your Jalisco, Zacatecas and/or Aguascalientes roots or should I say tried to discover.
is this what you'd like to do?]]]]]

Do you agree with this? Or should I make special exceptions for those "high quality" researchers that express interest in the group?

I'm torn between being "fair" to all and the possible benefit to "all" from letting a top researcher into the group.

what do you all think?

So far all of our polls have been invalid for lack of participation. IF this one is to be valid I'll need 50% of you to weigh in so I can tip the balance. It'd be best if 52% of you weighed in on one side so my vote wouldn't be the deciding factor.


- Be Fair to all and restrict membership, 6 votes, 23.08%
- Don't restrict we can learn a lot from others, 7 votes, 26.92%
- Do like you're doing, 13 votes, 50.00%
- hijola, good question holmes!, 0 votes, 0.00%

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Can you define "high quality"?

Sorry Twice:

1) I'm not saying the regular members of the group are not "high
quality", but what I meant was people who have taken that step beyond
"our" day in and day out level of research and dedicated themselves to
more advanced levels of research.

2) This is more the point. I was doing the new poll about the extention
of the group to include all of Nueva Galicia and somehow someway I must
have accidently closed that old poll from long ago back in Nov of 2005.
I never meant for those results to get distributed to the group "at
this time." Those poll results are available to all including past
polls in the "polls" area of the yahoo group. Sorry they got
distributed and clouded the issue of the new poll.


ps: 12 days before the Yahoo Group gets closed. Are You Ready? 
(Esperanza, I know you are). wrote:

Can you define "high quality"?

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