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Films Database: Fabulous!!!

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By makas_nc - Posted on 17 March 2006


I see it is 3 am... I have not yet gone to sleep since I do not work
tomorrow and usually stay up late.

What are you doing up so early/late? Did you just wake up?

What do you think of the film functionality and the tweaking with the
text colors that I did?


wow how did you do this? this is a great tool. If we can get the other
films tied into this that would be great, then again it must be a
tremendous amount of work.

This is a fabulous feature. Everyone should have a look at the "films"
database at the top of the Nuestros Ranchos website.

Thanks Arturo, you are making the group much much better than what it
was before. Thanks for all your effort on our behalf.


ps: the colors are hmmm, okay, with one tiny exception that wouldn't
matter if it never gets changed. the color difference here is so small
that members might not notice this is a hyperlink:

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Submitted by euler2luna on 11
March, 2006 - 7:11pm.

[[[[[[[[[[NOTE: Actually it looks different here than on the site, but
the euler2luna blends right in with the "Submitted by. . ." color.
Strictly backburner stuff]]]]]]]]]]]


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