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By makas_nc - Posted on 07 March 2006

Wow what a very very very fortunate person I am to have such wonderful
and talented Moderators, Rosalinda and Arturo, to help me sort this
situation we find ourselves in out. Rosalinda and Arturo have taken the
bull by the horns and leave me little to do. I want to say thanks in
public for their excellent help. Thank you Rosalinda Thank you  Arturo.

It is something new and anytime you have something new it seems

Here is what I need and don't worry we have plenty of time. There is no
rush I just want to get moved over because things will be much better
when we are fully transitioned over to the new site.

I want you to all send me a PRIVATE
email  ( and tell me If you want one of us to help you
move you over to the new site.

If you have a little bit of confidence why not give it a try yourself,
but if you are sure you can't do it then just send me that private
email ( and I'll make up a list of folks we need to
move over and we'll take them one at a time. It will take awhile but
there is no rush.

When we get close to having everyone over we'll make the final push and
close the Yahoo group down.

Remember email me privately
( as I don't want to clog the list up with folks saying:

Move me

Move me

Move me

I'm on a roll,

who else wants me to move them over to the new site? If you want to
give it a try, by all means have a go at it. BUT if you know you are
going to have trouble and it will become a big frustration well that is
why I'm here. Let me help you.

So who else needs some help with this? Don't be shy just email me PRIVATELY
at [remember no emails to the lists
saying "move me please"]

just email me PRIVATELY at

I'll move you and later when things get settled down we'll have
tutorials on how to put files into your folders. . .you won't believe
how easy it is, but like anything new it seems difficult now. Not to
worry Rosalinda, Arturo and I are here to help in anyway we can.

I'm really encouraged. I was just a few short months ago thinking that
Ranchos was dead, but Arturo has opened my eyes to the long life we can
have as a group.

So why don't the 50% of you that haven't had a go at requesting your
password give it a try. REMEMBER ---"request a new password" using
your current Yahoo UserID but don't "create a new account." Then
when the password comes to your inbox go back to the site and log in
with the new password. You can then request a new password [one that is
easier to remember, but don't forget to write it down].

Just try that and you can take the next step another day.


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