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By Visitor - Posted on 21 February 2006

Message from Arturo Ramos arturo.ramos2@...

I don't really know why, but PAF is available in Spanish in only Version 4.0.4, whereas the latest version is 5.2.18. I have not used the 4.0.4 so I am not sure what charting and reporting capabilities there are, but I know that there are a few members that use both the English and Spanish language version much in the way that you are envisioning.

As far as conversion, I don't think you really need to worry about it. You can just open up the PAF file that you have created in the English Version of the software in the Spanish Version.


Message from aajay1073 aajay1073@...


As Arturo says, the versions are currently not the same. Sometimes
you are not allowed to open a later version file in an earlier
version program. If you run into this problem...this is what I do.
Create an export file and then open it up in the PAF 4.0 program
creating a PAF 4.0 file. I usaually name this new file differently
and make it read-only so that I only make updates in my original
file. I usually run reports for my parents in Spanish. I think they
come out nicely.

- Angie

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