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The following films are available for Zacatecas, Zacatecas

To view the index of the film click on the button labeled VRI or IGI.

Description Period Film NoBatch NoIndices
Baptisms 1634-1856 0283370C600781IGIVRI
Baptisms 1840-1842 0245034C600782IGI
Baptisms 1859-1861 0245035C600783IGI
Baptisms 1859-1863 0283290C600771IGI
Baptisms 1861-1863 0245036C600784IGI
Baptisms 1863-1864 0245037C600785IGI
Baptisms 1866-1868 0245038C600786IGI
Baptisms 1868-1869 0245039C600787IGI
Baptisms 1869-1875 0283291C600772IGI
Baptisms 1870-1871 0245040C600788IGI
Baptisms  1871-1873 0245043C606142IGI
Baptisms 1873-1874 0245044C606143IGI
Baptisms 1874-1875 0245045C606144IGI
Baptisms Boys 1869-1870 0245041K600789IGI
Baptisms Boys 1871-0 0245042J606141IGI
Baptisms Girls 1869-1870 0245041K600789IGI
Baptisms Girls 1871-0 0245042K606141IGI
Marriages 1634-1679 0283370M600781IGI
Marriages 1857-1870 0245111M606147IGI
Marriages 1869-1875 0283353M600773IGI
Marriages 1870-1878 0245112M606148IGI
Marriages 1878-1885 0245113M606149IGI
Marriages 1882-1885 0283354M600774


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