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The following films are available for Teul de Gonzalez Ortega, Zacatecas

To view the index of the film click on the button labeled VRI or IGI.

Description Period Film NoBatch NoIndices
Baptisms 1649-1758 1164316C617041IGI
Baptisms 1800-1819 1164318C617043IGI
Baptisms 1819-1830 1164319C617044IGI
Baptisms 1830-1842 1164326C617045IGI
Baptisms 1850-1856 1164322C617047IGI
Baptisms 1856-1867 1164323C617048IGI
Baptisms 1868-1876 1164324C617049IGI
Baptisms Boys 1758-1800 1164317J617042IGI
Baptisms Girls 1758-1800 1164317K617042IGI
Baptismsgirls 1843-1850 1164321C617046IGI
Bautismos-girls 1876-1884 01I024934IGI
Marriages 1750-1893 1164334M617051IGI
Marriages 1858-1859 1164336M617052IGI
Marriages 1876-1877 1164338M617053IGI
Marriages 1877-1879 1164339M617054IGI


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