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The following films are available for Mezquital del Oro, Zacatecas

To view the index of the film click on the button labeled VRI or IGI.

Description Period Film NoBatch NoIndices
Baptisms 1737-1765 1164117C617031IGI
Baptisms 1766-1844 1164118C617032 VRI
Baptisms 1844-1876 1164119C617033IGI
bau/mat-Girls 1891-1910 1164120I028985IGI
Baut-boys/girls 1844-1854 07C026939IGI
Baut-boys/girls 1854-1864 1164122C026925IGI
Baut-boys/girls 1861-1871 05C026496IGI
Baut-boys/girls 1863-1871 08C026496IGI
Bautismos 1844-1876 1164119C739488IGI
Bautismos 1905-1918 1164118C617034IGI
Bautismos 1914-1934 1164123C617037 VRI
Bautismos-boys 1844-1876 1164119C739327IGI
Bautismos-boys 1871-1876 06C026497IGI
Bautismos-girls 1773-1843 03C026107IGI
Bautismos-girls 1844-1876 1164119C739328IGI
Bautismos/matrimonios 0-0 I028985IGI
Bautizos/girls 1888-1891 1164120I028984IGI
Births-girls 1741-1765 04C033704IGI
Marriages 1739-1851 1164124M617034IGI
Marriages 1852-1895 1164125M617035IGI


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