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The following films are available for Yahualica de Gonzalez Gallo, Jalisco

To view the index of the film click on the button labeled VRI or IGI.

Description Period Film NoBatch NoIndices
Baptisms 1848-1858 1152479C602358IGI
Baptisms  1870-1875 1152490C607182IGI
Baptisms 1871-1878 1152481C607181IGI
Baptisms Boys 1778-1814 1152475J602351IGI
Baptisms Boys 1814-1829 1152476J602352IGI
Baptisms Boys 1829-1839 1152477J602353IGI
Baptisms Boys 1839-1848 1152478J602357IGI
Baptisms Boys 1858-1871 1152480J602359IGI
Baptisms Girls 1778-1814 1152475K602351IGI
Baptisms Girls 1814-1829 1152476K602352IGI
Baptisms Girls 1829-1839 1152477K602353IGI
Baptisms Girls 1839-1848 1152478K602357IGI
Baptisms Girls 1858-1871 1152480K602359IGI
Christening 1778-1792 226408C603531IGI
Christening 1793-1803 226409C603532IGI
Christening 1803-1810 226410C603533IGI
Marriages 1778-1829 1152379M602354IGI
Marriages 1829-1860 1152380M602355IGI
Marriages 1860-1887 1152381M602356IGI


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