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The following films are available for Tecolotlan, Jalisco

To view the index of the film click on the button labeled VRI or IGI.

Description Period Film NoBatch NoIndices
Baptisms 1767-1804 1154544C602662IGI
Baptisms 1804-1817 1154545C602663IGI
Baptisms 1835-1845 1154547C606131IGI
Baptisms 1845-1855 1154548C606132IGI
Baptisms 1855-1865 1154549C606133IGI
Baptisms 1865-1870 1154550C606134IGI
Baptisms 1870-1875 1154551C606135IGI
Baptisms 1873-1875 1154557C606136IGI
Baptisms Boys 1620-1767 1154543J602661IGI
Baptisms Boys 1817-1835 1154546J602664IGI
Baptisms Girls 1620-1767 1154543K602661IGI
Baptisms Girls 1817-1835 1154546K602664IGI
Marriages 1616-1816 1154559M602665IGI
Marriages 1817-1852 1154560M602666IGI
Marriages 1852-1868 1154561M602667IGI
Marriages 1868-1882 1154562M602668IGI


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