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The following films are available for Poncitlan, Jalisco

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Description Period Film NoBatch NoIndices
Baptisms 1610-1691 0224643C603441IGI
Baptisms 1700-1720 0224644C603442IGI
Baptisms 1720-1751 0224645C603443IGI
Baptisms 1762-1777 0224646C603444IGI
Baptisms 1795-1803 0224648C603446IGI
Baptisms 1804-1807 0224649C603447IGI
Baptisms 1824-1839 0224651C603449IGI
Baptisms 1839-1846 0224652C603451IGI
Baptisms 1866-1869 0224655C603454IGI
Baptisms 1869-1876 0224656C603455IGI
Baptisms Boys 1847-1855 0224653J603452IGI
Baptisms Boys 1855-1866 0224654J603453IGI
Baptisms Girls 1847-1855 0224653K603452IGI
Baptisms Girls 1855-1866 0224654K603453IGI
Marriages 1674-1732 0224680M603456IGI
Marriages 1733-1771 0224681M603457IGI
Marriages 1770-1810 0224682M603458IGI
Marriages 1810-1841 0224683M603459IGI
Marriages 1841-1860 0224684M603461IGI
Marriages 1864-1879 0224685M603462IGI
Marriages 1879-1889 0224686M603463IGI


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