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The following films are available for Guadalajara, Jalisco

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Description Period Film NoBatch NoIndices
Baptism 1864-1871 38595C603861IGI
Baptism (Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe) 1862-1870 0038481C607024IGI
Baptismos (Nuestra Senora De Guadalupe) 1855-1862 0038480C607023IGI
Baptisms (Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe) 1838-1849 0038478C602997IGI
Baptisms (Sag. Metropolitano) 1599-1631 0038309C603141IGI
Baptisms (Sag. Metropolitano) 1631-1645 0038310C603142IGI
Baptisms (Sag. Metropolitano) 1656-1659 0038312C603144IGI
Baptisms (Sag. Metropolitano) 1659-1684 0038313J603145IGI
Baptisms (Sag. Metropolitano) 1684-1708 0038315C603147IGI
Baptisms (Sag. Metropolitano) 1708-1722 0038316C603148IGI
Baptisms (Sag. Metropolitano) 1722-1733 0038317C603149IGI
Baptisms (Sag. Metropolitano) 1733-1744 0038318C603151IGI
Baptisms (Sag. Metropolitano) 1744-1752 0038319C603152IGI
Baptisms (Sag. Metropolitano) 1752-1759 0038320C603153IGI
Baptisms (Sag. Metropolitano) 1759-1765 0038321C603154IGI
Baptisms (Sag. Metropolitano) 1765-1771 0038322C603155 IGI
Baptisms (Sag. Metropolitano) 1771-1775 38323C603156 IGI
Baptisms (Sag. Metropolitano) 1780-1786 38325C603158 IGI
Baptisms (Sag. Metropolitano) 1786-1793 0038326C603159IGI
Baptisms (Sag. Metropolitano) 1793-1795 38327C603161 IGI
Baptisms (Sag. Metropolitano) 1806-1810 38329C603163 IGI
Baptisms (Sag. Metropolitano) 1815-1820 0038331C603165IGI
Baptisms (Sag. Metropolitano) 1820-1824 0038332C603166 IGI
Baptisms (Sag. Metropolitano) 1824-1828 38333C603167IGI
Baptisms (Sag. Metropolitano) 1828-1834 38334C603168IGI
Baptisms (Sag. Metropolitano) 1841-1848 38336C603171 IGI
Baptisms (Sag. Metropolitano) 1848-1855 0038337J603172IGI
Baptisms (Sag. Metropolitano) 1860-1867 0038339C603174IGI
Baptisms (San Jose Analco) 1816-1827 038590C603855 VRI
Baptisms (San Jose Analco) 1830-1836 038591C603856 VRI
Baptisms Boys (Sag. Metropolitano) 1645-1656 0038311J603143IGI
Baptisms Boys(Sag. Metropolitano) 1775-1780  0038324 J603157IGI
Baptisms Boys(Sag. Metropolitano) 1799-1806 38328J603162IGI
Baptisms Boys(San Jose Analco) 1801-1816 0038589 J603854 IGI
Baptisms Girls (Sag. Metropolitano) 1645-1656 0038311K603143IGI
Baptisms Girls(Sag. Metropolitano) 1775-1780 38324K603157IGI
Baptisms Girls(Sag. Metropolitano) 1799-1806 38328K603162IGI
Baptisms Girls(San Jose Analco) 1801-1816 0038589 K603854 IGI
Marriages (Sag. Metropolitano) 1600-1634 0038309M603141IGI
Marriages (Sag. Metropolitano) 1633-1641 0038310M603142IGI
Marriages (Sag. Metropolitano) 1656-1667 0038312 M603144 IGI
Marriages (Sag. Metropolitano) 1667-1710 38353 M603177 IGI
Marriages (Sag. Metropolitano) 1710-1737 38354 M603178 IGI
Marriages (Sag. Metropolitano) 1737-1756 38355 M603179 IGI
Marriages (Sag. Metropolitano) 1756-1767 38356 M603181 IGI
Marriages (Sag. Metropolitano) 1767-1788 38357 M603182 IGI
Marriages (Sag. Metropolitano) 1788-1805 38358 M603183 IGI
Marriages (Sag. Metropolitano) 1805-1818 0038359 M603184 IGI


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