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RE: [ranchos] Toribio Romo --family traits

I really did not mean to spark anything, and Santo Toribio is my only claim to fame.  We genealogists are usually joked about always being related to someone famous.  He's about it so far, and my dad looks nothing like him.  When my parents visited Europe a few decades ago.  They often mistook my dad as Middle Eastern with his dark, curly hair and olive complexion.  It was a real shocker when I discovered that one of his grandmothers was even a Romo.  The ressemblance is more than coloring.  I am not exaggerating when I say that my cousin Gregorio could be his double, and anyone coming from Jalostotitlan would tell you that the Romos in the area have those tell-tale Romo eyes. 
Something that we Gomez are known for is our height.  My dad's apodo was "La Escalera del diablo."  He and his brothers were all 6' and up.  Of course my cousin Sam who measures about 5'5" would definitely not fit the bill.  He took after his petite mother.  Anyway, I just finished reading a book, Una seccion de los de Alba by Miguel de Alba Gonzalez.  Since my dad's aunt married into the de Alba family in San Juan de los Lagos, I thought that it would be interesting to read.  Furthermore  we all know that in small towns everyone in the area eventually ties into every family.  I did find reference to her.    I also found a  reference to another distant relative, and the author remarked on his height, and it being attributed to his mother who came from the Gomez from the ranch, La Parada.  My Gomez' married twice into this family.  This family was rich, our Gomez were not.  My dad's tia was an old maid (26!!!), and he was a rich widower in his 60s.  My dad always joked about his Gomez tias being married to men of short stature because they were so tall.  At 5'9".  I worried about this, but fortunately I found a man of Mexican ancestry that is 5'11" .  :) 
What I'm trying  to say is that there are certain traits that do appear over and over in families.    Of course as you say, there are always those exceptions.  It is more than skin color...
"La Escalera del Diablo #4"  --I'm the 4th child.

From: [] On Behalf Of jose munoz
Sent: Tuesday, November 29, 2005 2:16 AM
Subject: Re: [ranchos] Toribio Romo -- Mexico's Ghostly Benefactor of Illegal Aliens!

I agree with you Alicia...

My fathers' cousin Angel Ramirez, and his wife Katy,
gave birth in the 50's to Maria and Johnny Ramirez.
The young girl eventually grew to a height of 5'5",
brown eyes, and long beautiful black hair. Her twin
brother growth was cut shot, just under 4 feet, green
eyes, and "what" a carrot top he sported. It took a
while to figure that one. No one thought they were
siblings. I believe many people do not understand what
they are really asking, assuming that it is just a
matter of people having similar physical appearance.
However, since physical appearance is influenced by
environmental factors, and not just genetics, people
can actually look very differently.

Jose Munoz

--- Alicia Carrillo <alliecar@...> wrote:

> I think it would be a mis-conception to make
> assumptions about someone's ancestry based solely or
> mostly on their looks. We all know that our genes go
> very far back and with all the inter-mixing of races
> anything is possible. I have a son who is very dark
> and has a blonde blue eyed son. I have a daughter
> that is not so dark and has beautiful brown eyed,
> black haired beautiful girls. Looks, eye color and
> skin color don't always tell the full story.

> Alicia
> Emilie Garcia <auntyemfaustus@...> wrote:
> Irma--

> No, I don't have the surname Romo in my lines.  It
> is my husband's ancestors, the Garcias, who are
> light skinned, tall, light haired, and hazel-eyed or
> blue eyed Tapatios from Jalisco.  The photo of the
> saint in the article for which I sent a link bears a
> striking resemblance to my husband, his father, and
> his great-grandmother, Marciana Cervantes.  I have
> traced some of the Garcias who married into the
> Calzada family that were from Rincon de Romos.  My
> husband's gggg-grandfather Cayetano Garcia married
> Anna Cleta Calzada.  Marciana Cervantes was
> descended from Patricio Martines [Martin] who
> married Maria Maxima Duron; they were also from
> Rincon de Romos.  In between there were Aguirres,
> Albas, Gonzaleses, Moroneses, Ornelases.  The
> closest surname to Romo in my husband's lines is one
> Roman. 

> I was just amazed that someone surnamed Romo from
> Jalostitlan could look so much like my husband's
> Garcia-Cervantes family from Encarnacion de Diaz in
> Jalisco.  People in Jalisco and Aguascalientes must
> be inter-related.  They also look different from the
> people I saw in Jerez when I went there in the
> 1960's with my father.  It seems my husband's
> ancestors were always merchants or military, or
> religious, etc. (town people) and were not laborers
> on the ranchos like my ancestors.  That leads me to
> believe that the Spaniards were more educated than
> the Mesizos in Mexico and held positions of
> authority and in commerce rather than laboring in
> the fields and ranches.

> Emilie Garcia
> Port Orchard, WA ---
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> From: Irma GomezLucero
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> Sent: Monday, November 28, 2005 10:03 AM
> Subject: RE: [ranchos] Toribio Romo -- Mexico's
> Ghostly Benefactor of Illegal Aliens!
> Santo Toribio has many of the features that are
> commonly seen in Romos even of today.  My aunt
> married a Romo, and many of my cousins have a
> striking ressemblance (mostly the beautiful
> eyes-whether they be brown/green/blue) to Santo
> Toribio.  Since they haven't done any research, I've
> been trying to figure out any connections for them.
> In doing this, I was able to tie in my dad's side of
> the family to Santo Toribio's mother who is NOT a
> Romo.  This is how I came to "meet" John G.  I still
> have more work to do on my Romos & my cousin's.  I
> also thought that my Santa Ana Romos would tie into
> Rincon de Romos.  My cousins claim that their father
> often told them they weren't related to the Romos of
> Santa Ana--that they were from San Luis Potosi.  I
> just think that their features are a bit too much to
> ignore.  Gotta go and dig some more....
> Emilie, am I understanding that you have Romo too,
> and that you tied into the Romos in Rincon de Romos?
>  Just wondering...  I know there are still many
> there but haven't been able to tie mine in ...
> Irma
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> Alberto Duarte
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> Subject: Re: [ranchos] Toribio Romo -- Mexico's
> Ghostly Benefactor of Illegal Aliens!
> It's called faith and we have it.
> Alberto Duarte Prieto
> Santa Maria, California
> --- Emilie Garcia <auntyemfaustus@...>
> wrote:
> >
> >
> >
> >
> > John,
> >
> > I had never heard of the saint you are related to,
> > so I started browsing the internet for information
> > on him, and I found this interesting article
> (check
> > link above).  What was fascinating to me is the
> > picture of Toribio Romo.  He bears a striking
> > resemblance to my husband, his father, and his
> > great-grandmother Marciana Cervantes who was from
> > Encarnacion de Diaz in Jalisco and whose ancestors
> I
> > have traced to Rincon de Romos in Aguascalientes
> > which is just south of our areas of interest in
> > Zacatecas. 
> >
> > How lucky you are to have traced your ancestors
> back
> > to 1550; I've been working so hard for over five
> > YEARS and have only found our people back to the
> > early 1700's. Was Santo Toribio Romo perhaps
> guiding
> > you?  The article goes into a deep discussion
> about
> > guardian angels, etc. all the way back in history
> > even before the Hebrews. 
> >
> > May Santo Toribio help us all in meeting our goals
> > as he has helped others of our people.
> >
> > Emilie Garcia
> > Port Orchard, WA ---
> >
> >
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