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Censo de Mexico de 1930

Dear Tammy,
     I know what you mean by no cooperation from the mother-in-law.  
I had that problem myself but just worked around her.  My father-law 
gave me the best information that he could and I used it when I 
looked at the official records. 
     As for my husband, he has no patience to do the actual work but 
he will pay for any field trips that we take.  Last year, amoung 
other places, we drove up to Yahualica, Jalisco.  It was a most 
beautiful place.  I took some pictures and it was this trip that 
convinced us to get a video camera for future trips. 
     As for the Godinez name, I understand that it is not common.  I 
go back very far with my records and even have some of the family 
baptisms in Jamay.  However that is a few hundred years back.
For now, I think the best thing for you and most beginning 
researchers is to get what they can from other family members and 
papers kept at home and then try to get the 1930 Census for their 
    The 1930 Census will help to put the family in units in their 
different villages, ranchos, etc.  If your ancestor/ relative was not 
born yet, you will find the ones that came before or you could 
possible see them as youngsters in their own family.  It has a wealth 
of information which makes a good start in knowing what to order in 
Microfilms for Baptisms, Marriages, and Deaths, etc.

     Here is what the Census will contain:

     Nombre y Apellido
     Edad--años o meses
     Estado Civil--Soltero, Casado por lo Civil, Casado por la 
       Iglesia, Unida Nbre, Viudo, Divorciado
     Saber O No Leer y Escribir
     Profesion U Ocupación--Quehaceres Domesticos, Jornalero de 
       Campo, Medico, Ingenjero, Mayordomo, Carpintero, Criado, 
       Costura, etc.
     Lugar de Nacimiento
     Defectos Fisicos O Mentales

     I will close with a yes for a trip in the future to use the great
Family History Library in Salt Lake.  I have only been there once and 
only for a couple of hours.  I was on vacation and was afraid that if 
I stayed longer, my husband would not be able to drag me out.  Ha-ha-
ha.  Have a good day all.
                      Patricia Diane Godinez