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This group is for serious genealogists actively searching for lineages in the states of Jalisco, Zacatecas and Aguascalientes of Mexico.

Este grupo es para genealogistas serios quienes buscan linajes en los estados de Jalisco, Zacatecas y Aguascalientes. Para ver este sitio en español, haga click aquí.

What Spanish Ports used during XVI?

There are three ports in Spain that were there during XVI period:

Puerto San Sebastian:

Puerto Santander:

Full detailed map of Mexico 1769 by Jose Urrutia and Nicolas De La Fora

I found a map where you can zoom in a specific area and get a close look:

Ships "Arrogante (San Antonio De Padua)" and "San Leandro" Microfilm No. 169026 (testamentos 1659 - 1843)

Transportation of Cargo between Cadiz and Veracruz year 1786:
Here Navios (Ships) names “Arrogante” and “San Leandro” are named:

Question regarding Sagrario de Zacatecas

Is anyone familiar with Sagrario de Zacatecas??? What towns belonged to this parish in the early 1600-1700's. Also, why did it change names to Iglesia de Santo Domingo in the later colonial years.

Mayor (Alcalde) of Mezquitic in 1667 is Juan Phelipe?

Here is the title page of records and I was looking at the Santa Cathalina de Questomatitan

Fray Marcos De Niza en Mezquitic, Jalisco, Mexico (1667)?????

I was going through baptismo records of year 1667 of pueblo Santa Catharina which is recorded in Mezquitic Catholic Church records and noticed the signatures of "Fray Marcos De Niza:

i've updated my indexes


and here

just wanted to share that since it can make navegating these doucments more easier

Microfilm No. 169026 Testamentos (1659 - 1843)

Today I justed started scrolling through the beginning of Testamentos Microfilm year 1659 - 1843. Starts out year 1675 Tecolotlan. I am impressed with how clear, neatly written the documents are.

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