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This group is for serious genealogists actively searching for lineages in the states of Jalisco, Zacatecas and Aguascalientes of Mexico.

Este grupo es para genealogistas serios quienes buscan linajes en los estados de Jalisco, Zacatecas y Aguascalientes. Para ver este sitio en español, haga click aquí.

Apellidos Africanos en México, African Surnames

Hola a todos los genealogistas:

Estoy publicando una primera lista de los apellidos africanos que he encontrado en Familysearch:

1. Angola
2. Biafra o Biafara
3. Ferranovo

Analysis: Mexico's missing blacks - Part 3

Here is the link to a very interesting article on the Negro in Mexico:http://www.upi.com/Analysis-Mexicos-missing-blacks-Part-3/60621020910279/

Monte de los Velascos, Nochistlán, Velasco, Zevallos de la Barrera

Hi, I'm looking for information on a place (a rancho?) called Monte de los Velascos in the late 1700's Jurisdicción of Nochistlán.

Research Digest, Vol 133, Issue 7

I'm interested in getting more information about the Gutierrez/
Monroy/Cortes connection, too....My family is Gutierrez & Almaraz and I
understand that the Almaraz family may be associated with the Co

Senegalese DNA

My children are half Mexican and my son's DNA (haven't had my daughter tested), showed 2% DNA from Senegal.I was looking at the Ancestry website and reading how that is the most common African DNA.NOW

Missing the boat

Hello fellow members,

DNA Matches

Need some advice, I had my DNA through AncestryDNA, since then I have accumulated a serious list of Extremely HIGH, Very HIGH and HIGH, and GOOD and Moderate.

Coronado y Campa y Cos

In this Matrimonio de Ypina (Ypinas have a history with several Coronados names unknown) he reveals to son of Don Antonio de Campa y Cos that he had an affair with a relative of his that he did not fi


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