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This group is for serious genealogists actively searching for lineages in the states of Jalisco, Zacatecas and Aguascalientes of Mexico.

Este grupo es para genealogistas serios quienes buscan linajes en los estados de Jalisco, Zacatecas y Aguascalientes. Para ver este sitio en español, haga click aquí.

"Minillas (means Mining?)" A Mining area on map of Jalisco, Mexico

My ggggggg grandparents "Antonio Madera (1660 - 1709?) and Maria De La Candelaria" were at "Minillas of Mezquitic, Jalisco, Mexico" I know they had 2,000 hectares in 1698, until his great grandson (m

Opening up the group to expand

I'm OK with opening up the group to include: Nayarit, sinaloa, Michoacan
and guanajuato. My ancestors were from Jalisco, Guanajuato, Michoacan,

General Digest, Vol 103, Issue 8

My mother's family came from Mezquitic Jalisco. She is 86 years old and she tells me that in years that were dry (drought) many families would move to other places. One popular place was Nayarit.


Hello group,
Are B2 and B4'5 mtDNA the same? My brother tested B2 (with NatGeo) and I B4'5 (with FTDNA).

General Digest, Vol 103, Issue 7

Joeseph, as far as I am concerned we should open the group to persons doing research in Nayarit and Colima , as well as Zacatecas, Aguascalientes.

Nayarit and/y Colima

What are the good reasons and bad reasons to open up the group to the states
of Nayarit and Colima?


An applicant to the group says this:

"La Yesca municipality in Nayarit which was a part of Jalisco in the 19th

Can someone please send me a list of places that historica

Contratacion 5580

I am reading Lope Ruiz de Esparza's entry on Catalogo de Pasajeros a Indias Volumen VII, and comparing it with the original document posted here on nuestros ranchos, thanks to Arturo Ramos.

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